Range Rover Evoque Convertible

Power advancement for Evoque Diesel
180 HP
420 Nm
Power increase
30 HP
Torque Increase
60 Nm
Power advancement for Evoque Si4
240 HP
340 Nm
Power increase
20 HP
Torque increase
55 Nm

After the launch of the successful coupé, HAMANN now also offers a muscular wide-body kit for the new convertible of the smallest Range Rover. So, the car refiner completes its fine-tuning package for the open Evoque, including fine accessories, exclusive wheel/tyre combinations and performance optimisations for the new and efficient diesel engines.

HAMANN fine tuning for the Evoque Convertible

The HAMANN’s manufactory individualisations virtually turn the Range Rover Evoque Convertible into a completely new car. The front skirt already gives the small SUV a dramatically different look. A striking face that makes the Evoque appear more powerful and accentuated. This is achieved by a two-part grille, sophisticated air intakes on the left and right and individually framed fibre-optic daytime running lights. 

Attuned to that, the “wide-body kit” by HAMANN’s design department is a concept that is second to none. It makes the Evoque become broader by 70 millimetres on the front axle and by 80 millimetres on the rear axle. Thus, the narrow-chested lightweight becomes a muscular athlete, whose appearance already reveals the power to be expected underneath the bonnet. 

The strong look is mainly due to the abundant wing extensions at both the front and back, which make room for imposing wheel/tyre combinations and – together with the striking side sills – form a perfect line. This is not least the result of the high-precision fit of all installed components that demonstrate the Swabian refiner’s high standards of craftsmanship. The grand finale is a completely new rear skirt that is the throne for the sports exhaust system with either black or silver anodised HAMANN tailpipes.  

The strong look of the wide-body kit is perfectly supplemented by HAMANN’s ignition map optimisation for the latest generation of the Evoque’s diesel engines. So, the power of the small 2.0-litre TD4 is advanced from 150 hp (110 kW) to 181 hp (135 kW) – the large version from 180 hp to 210 hp (132 kW to 154 kW). An additional control unit for ignition map optimisation boosts the top Si4 petrol engine from 240 hp to 260 hp (177 kW to 191 kW) with a torque of 395 Nm instead of 340 Nm.

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Tuning

The premium package is completed by a set of exclusive wheels from HAMANN’s wheel rim range. The 22-inch showpieces particularly worth seeing include the monoblock “Anniversary Evo” in silver, black or matt black. Or the black forged cross-spoke wheel “Unique Forge Anodized”, which is an attractive alternative. Here, HAMANN offers a full service not only including the wheel rim itself, but also the fitting of the suitable performance tyres with appropriate speed rating.  

To defy tuning fakes and cheap imitations from Far East, HAMANN delivers all its original and accessory parts with a Certificate of Authenticity since 1 November 2016. The certificate in DIN A6 format is forgery safe thanks to a protected hologram. It identifies every item by its original item number and documents the authenticity of relating components or accessories, such as a set of wheels or an aerodynamics kit. With good reason: Every HAMANN product is backed by a high demand – high-grade materials, high accuracy, most modern product processes and precision down to the tiniest detail. This is what HAMANN Motorsport stakes its reputation on.

HAMANN offers accessory parts, refinements and performance measures separately or as package. The carefully concerted modules guarantee a coherent overall concept. HAMANN realises the exclusive individualisation at its headquarters in Laupheim or at international partner sites.

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