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Since Porsche has also occupied the sports SUV and sports saloon segments in addition to the 911, the traditional brand HAMANN Motorsport has much more to do. Despite of excellent standard design and equipment there is still much room for exclusivity and power advancement in the new models. Body reconstructions, suspension adaptations, power advancements, interior refinements – the sportscar experts from Laupheim offer all customers a tailored solution. Technical optimisation and individual look turn every Porsche into a unique piece.


That is what immediately strikes the eye when looking at the exclusive tuning kit for the Porsche Macan. The HAMANN Motorsport programme gives the SUV new aerodynamics with a special wide-body look. A front skirt reaching far down, abundant wing extensions and side skirts, and a “sharpened” rear spoiler provide for new accents making the vehicle appear more powerful and self-confident. The precisely fitting high-end version again underlines the manual know-how of the refiner. All parts are manufactured exclusively and in highest quality.

Keen appearance

Keenness inside and outside – that is what the complete kits from HAMANN Motorsport promise. And if desired, there is also more power available. The power advancement for the Porsche Cayenne V6 Diesel in the version “Guardian Evo” guarantees 45 additional hp and achieves 290 hp and a torque of 650 Nm instead of 550 Nm. The Macan S Diesel even reaches 300 hp and hisses like an eight-cylinder.  


The reason: HAMANN Motorsport’s sports exhaust system with Active Sound. Actuators and speakers let you generate an individually adjustable sound experience that will be a real pleasure for sound enthusiasts. The instruments for this music are made of stainless steel with four tailpipes with black ceramic coating and perfectly adapt to the rear skirt. 

Strong appearance

A big issue at HAMANN Motorsport are suitable and optimal combinations of tyres and wheel rims. There are several light-alloy wheels available for Porsche. For example, the “Unique Forged Gunmetal”, an ultra-lightweight forged rim. Coming with a matt paint and cross-spoke design interpreted in a modern way it is very distinctive. HAMANN equips them with the suitable high-performance tyres with appropriate speed rating.  

The lowering of a vehicle is always worth a look as it makes the car appear sportier and has a positive effect on driving dynamics. An issue that is of particular importance with high SUVs. HAMANN Motorsport has several sets of sport springs ready for the Porsche 911, Cayenne and Macan models. Or for the Panamera that comes down by up to 35 mm on the front and rear axles. Together with the selected wheel/tyre combination this will ensure higher cornering stability and steering precision with optimum safety.

The triumphant finale and highlight for the Macan is the refinement and personalisation in the interior. Here, HAMANN Motorsport offers in the cockpit and on the headrests sporty and elegant applications in the company’s proven luxury finish. Whether as separate components or as complete set – the customer will put together an individual package. This also includes the possibility to purchase an individual car via HAMANN or have it exclusively equipped with a retrofitting kit.

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