HAMANN wheels for premium models

Wheel rim tuning by HAMANN

With the exclusive range of wheels, HAMANN emphasises its high demand for maximum functionality, best technology and unique aesthetics. Eventually, only premium wheels can bring the power of a powerful vehicle to the street safely and controllable via a few square inches of contact area. Hence, the high-performance refiner and tuner pays particular attention to wheels.

Forged wheels and wheels produced using state-of-the-art lightweight technology offer the perfect synergy of low weight and absolute durability, just as used in racing. Only this combination guarantees an improved response behaviour of the suspension at highest stability. Indispensible for the HAMANN models’ demand.

HAMANN has three expressive ranges of wheels for premium brands: “Edition Race”, “Anniversary Evo” and “Unique Forged”. Every range endows a vehicle the special character and emphasises HAMANN’s high demand for exclusivity.

Multi-spoke “Anniversary Evo” wheel

“Anniversary Evo” is a multi-spoke wheel rim, creating a particularly elegant effect. A total of 18 long dished spokes in monoblock design spread along the complete flange. Modern manufacturing procedures and special aluminium alloys guarantee the highest load capacities at a low weight.
Thanks to the high-gloss, matt black or glossy black finish, these wheels set individual accents on every vehicle and offer iridescent fireworks during the drive.

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