Hamann power package for the AMG GLE

The massive beauty at the Hamann stand at the Geneva Motor Show.

  • Design and power package for the Mercedes AMG GLE 63 S
  • Tailored wide-body look from the tradition-steeped luxury manufactory turns the SUV coupé into an exclusive special edition model
  • The power of the 5.5-litre V8 is advanced from 585 hp (430 kW) to 680 hp (500 kW) at a peak torque of 900 Nm
  • Convincing wheel/tyre combination with the 22-inch light-alloy wheel "Challenge" and Conti Sport Contact 5P.

Laupheim, 07 March 2017. Manufactory quality, technical expertise and demanding design - these are the cornerstones of the brand-new power package for Mercedes' sportiest SUV, the AMG GLE 63 S. The brawny coupé already went through the company's own sports hub; yet, the tuning experts from Laupheim found and successfully realised some design and performance potentials. The result is the AMG GLE "powered by Hamann" that clearly expresses its ultimate demand from the front spoiler to the diffuser, from the performance kit right down to the mighty wheels. A masterpiece of performance and design.

It takes only one look at the visible carbon bonnet to know that this is not the standard version of the AMG GLE 63 S. And the second look is to quickly recognise the SUV's splendid appearance with its wide three-piece front spoiler. Just as an athlete's muscles the wing extensions run from the front (four parts) to the rear (six parts) and are supported by the wide side skirts. Compared to the standard version, the Hamann GLE thus gains nine centimetres in width. At the rear, the tuners conclude the wide-body chapter with an extra wide skirt bottom. The tail pieces in a special design - available in black or silver - are integrated perfectly. The new diffuser is removable and thus particularly attractive for vehicles with trailer hitch. The crowning touch to the AMG GLE is a rear wing with aluminium brackets. All components of the wide-body kit were exclusively developed by the experts in Laupheim.

Power advancement to 680 hp (500 kW) and 900 Nm

For the individualisation professionals an excitingly new look is not the end of the story. Equipped with the necessary technological excellence, the performance potential should be used optimally. The standard AMG GLE with its 5.5-litre engine already produces 585 hp (430 kW) that press up to 760 Nm on the crank.

Not bad at all, but there is more possible after Hamann's modification. Thanks to a new ignition map programming, the technicians coax 680 hp (500 kW) out of the eight-cylinder engine, i.e. almost 17 per cent more performance. The torque rises to impressive 900 Nm - more than 18 per cent increase. And, as if incidentally, the refiners from Laupheim loosen the electronic bonds for the car to be able to reach 300 km/h.

Design and dynamics for those with exclusive taste

To bring the overwhelming power to the street in a safe and stylish manner, Hamann has an exclusive set of rims for the AMG GLE 63 S perfectly adapted to the suspension. The light-alloy "Challenge" series is sized 10 J x 22 in the front and 12 J x 22 in the back. The rims are equipped with Conti Sport Contact 5P in the sizes 285/40 ZR22 on the front axle and 325/35 ZR22 on the rear axle. In the Hamann team's view, the Conti Sport Contact 6 passes the refiner's demands in terms of cornering, grip during acceleration and deceleration, and steering precision with flying colours. With this wheel/tyre combination the SUV coupé strong as an ox obeys quickly and safely in any situation when driving through curves and landscapes.

For those seeking the exclusive something for the interior will make a find at Hamann as well. In the cockpit and on the headrests, the tuning specialist offers sporty and elegant applications in Hamann's proven luxury finish. Both sport pedals and the exclusive set of floor mats with Hamann logo should not miss. All components are available separately or as complete package. Hamann refines new cars from the date of delivery or retrofits already registered vehicles. The company does the manufactory work at its headquarters in Laupheim as well as at international partner sites.

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