winter campaign 2016 - Anniversary Evo

The mercury is falling, winter is approaching. But we think that is no reason to stop enjoying the driving pleasure, especially not for BMW fans. Why don’t you start off into the cold season with new and exclusive HAMANN MOTORSPORT wheels? Seize the opportunity, take advantage of our winter campaign! Now, we offer the sporty elegant and premium quality ANNIVERSARY EVO for the F06, F10, F15, F16, F30 and F86 model series at special and freezing winter prices! 

wheel combination

vehicle  front axle rear axle TPS-sensor  order-no. price
BMW F15/F16 10,0x20 ET40 10,0x20 ET40 X KRF1500AES20_W 4.799,00€
BMW F15/F16 11x21 ET50 11x21 ET50 X KRF1500AES21_1W 6.699,00€
BMW F15/F16 10,5x22 ET40 10,5x22 ET40 X KRF1500AES22_1W 5.799,00€
BMW F10 8,5x19 ET44 10,0x19 ET44 KRF1000AES19_WOR 3.999,00€
BMW F10 8,5x19 ET44 10,0x19 ET44 X KRF1000AES19_WMR 4.475,00€
BMW F06 8,5x20 ET38 10,0x20 ET40 X KRF0600AES20_W 4.799,00€
BMW F30 8,5x19 ET44 10,0x19 ET44 KRF3000AES19_WOR 3.999,00€
BMW F30 8,5x19 ET44 10,0x19 ET44 X KRF3000AES19_WMR 4.475,00€
BMW F86 10,5x22 ET40 10,5x22 ET40 X KRF8600AES22_W 5.999,00€

All prices are including tax ex. Laupheim and Shipping within Germany

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